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In 1971, at 19, I hitchhiked from NYC to Mexico via Vancouver, B.C. where I eventually homesteaded in the mountains. After a winter, I was deported and ended up in Waldport, OR where as a hippie musician explored spirituality but was left wanting until those who would later be known as Ti and Do came to town, saying they came from “the same Family as Jesus”, on earth to demonstrate to humans how to start a metamorphosis, aka “Christing,” to become a member of The Physical Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human, where they had physical bodies appropriate to their society and traveled in spacecrafts that were often described in the Bible as a “cloud of light,” today a UFO. Thirty-four adults left families, friends, careers and homes to join with them living as transient, celebate monks with no trappings. They became known as the UFO Two, who were not religious or spiritual, but who said they were fulfilling the Two Witnesses prophecy in the Book of Revelations. I believed in Jesus but was not a Christian and knew nothing about UFO’s, yet it all made perfect sense. Living in the wilderness for 3+ years, Do named me Sawyer as the camps chain saw operator. In 1993 with no obvious reason, I broke my celebacy vow with myself and decided to leave in 1994 after 19 years, though still a believer. After they layed down their lives ceremonially in March 21-22, 1997 as the Hale-Bopp Comet was nearest, called Heaven’s Gate, I gave many interviews to the NYC based media. I then fathered a baby and began to have dreams of Ti and Do and fellow crew members and they helped me re-awaken to their reality over the next ten years that resulted in my writing this book.

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