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This “Little Book” provides detailed evidence from everything Jesus prophesied to show how and why those called, Ti (Tee) and Do (Doe) were the new incarnations of the Ones referred to as the Father and Jesus, who with Their Crew of Student “Saints,” were on earth again to fulfill the promised return of Their Kingdom during these “End Times,” through Their task recorded as the “Two Witnesses” in the Book of Revelations that was completed when they exited their incarnations in 1997 – seen in the world’s news as Heaven’s Gate.

Here is a tiny bit of the evidence of Their return that will be covered in these next pages in great detail, examining most every verse from the Book of Revelations, in context with both the Old and New Testaments and in consideration of the many translation options from the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek and most importantly in how Ti and Do’s teachings, behaviors, ways and lifestyle coincided, without Their trying to do so, as I, Sawyer witnessed as Their student for 19 years.

Father and Son both reside, (dwell with, abode) with Their Students. (Joh 14:22-23). They both have new names and the One who was “Jesus” identifies His Father. (Rev 3:12, Rev 14:1)

They come incarnate in the task of the Two Witnesses to speak publicly (prophesy) New Revealing about the reality of Their Kingdom, how and when it can be entered, that serves to gather Their returned “Saints,” the Souls who were their students with Jesus and Moses. (Luk 17:30, Mat 24:31).

The Father incarnates into a female human body and “Mind/Spirit births” His Son to the Throne. (Rev 12). They are both Olive Trees, Lampstands, and are Anointed so are both Christs. (Rev 11:3-4, Zec 4:1-14)

They speak plainly, (open, bold, confident), not in parables (Luk 12:2) and Students can ask the Father questions directly. (Joh 16:25-27)

Their prophecy is focused in the West and Southwest U.S.A., described as the spiritual (symbolic) Sodom (scorched, desert) e.g. Las Vegas, Egypt (“two straights” (Streets, Ways (FIRST & LAST)) and New Jerusalem; California (Los Angeles) to Texas, (Rev 3:12), to a “new nation (people)” (Mat 21:42-43), leaving Jerusalem in Palestine/Israel “desolate” (empty of Their Updated Mind/Spirit – Presence). (Rev 11:8, Mat 23:37-39)

In 1975 They are subdued (overcome) by the U.S. national media, mouthpiece of the “Beast” – the Secret Govt (Mystery Babylon) formed because of the release of the Luciferian Space Aliens from their “bottomless pit” prison in the 1940’s to 1950’s during the 5th Angels Trumpet Sounding. (Rev 9, 11:7, 12:4, 17)

The Father’s incarnation Exit was seemingly “natural”-“Earth Opened Her Mouth.” in 1985. Do and Students Exited by laying (falling) down Their human bodies in 1997, shown by the comprehensive translation of the Greek “apokteino auto” as “to separate by dying Their selves.” (Rev 11:7,16, Rev 12:16)

Their ascension, Jesus called a “spirit birth,” compared to wind, not seen as physical bodies going up. The “cloud” (of light) was the Hale-Bopp Comet with it’s photographed “companion object.” (Rev 11:12, Joh 3:5-8)

Do Comes Public as the return of “Jesus” in 1993, shown as sitting on a “white horse,” the human body He took named Marshall Applewhite, which He purifies to Recover Virginity. “Bow” represents the Covenant (rainbow) with the “litter/fold” He “births” by directing each Students own Overcoming of Humanness. (Rev 6:2)

The Red/Ruddy “Horse” – G.W. Bush, et al, used the 9/11 WTC attacks – the “great earth(shaking)” (1st Fall of “Babylon”) to wield a great sword (military) for a perpetual “war on terror.” (Rev 6:3-4, 11:13, 14:8)

Barack Obama, et al, was the Black/Deep Blue (jacinth) “Horse” presiding over the stabilizing of the Global Financial Crisis (2nd Fall of “Babylon”) manufactured to usher in the U.S. BEAST’s riding the yolk of the New World Order (U.N.) (Rev 6:5-6, Rev 13, 14:8, 18:2)

Sign of Opening of Temple of God in Heaven revealed by NASA Dawn spacecraft photos of dwarf planet Ceres’ cityscape of lights with 5+ mile high crystal-like Tower as evidence of 2017 4th Seal Opening: Green (Space Alien tare (weed) harvest, NWO front promotion of human caused global warming) Horse (US President) agenda, accelerating death in Tribulation/Judgment Hour = LAST Harvest Wave (Rev 6:8, 11:19, 14:20, 15:5). Luciferian (restricted Space) Aliens are depicted as fowls, birds of prey, locusts(Mat 13:4;Rev 9:3,18:2, 19:17)

Afterward, Do returns with His “Armada” of brightly shining (glorious) Clouds of Light – “horses” (spacecrafts) for every eye to see, with His FIRST Fruit Graduate (Saints) all “wearing” Their new Kingdom of God “made” (grown to an adult on a vine, not born of woman) physical, biological bodies, with His being “like the Son of Man,” Jesus’ “dipped in blood body (vesture).”(Rev 1:7,11:19,14:14,16:15,19:11-14, 1Co 15:39+)